c l i c k _ i m a g e s _ t o _ e n l a r g e

I Used To Read Word Up Magazine



Anonymous said...

that's fucking random

Sey said...

salt n pepppa and heavy D

Pernille said...

Oh really? Well I'll try to translate for you, might sound a bit strange in the end because it's hard translating my weird writing in Norwegian into English... But there's only positive stuff about you!

"Mark Portillo is an OK wicked man. He, a guy from NY aged 24 with a lot of spare time or maybe a job as a graphic designer, makes these really cool pictures which are wagging a little on some places. He's posting his work on Wednesdays only (understandable, because Wednesdays are prettyOKnice), so there's new work on his blog about every week, sometimes evert second and sometimes every third or maybe forth. But it's worth waiting for, it must take a heck of a long time making this wagging things. Check it out."

Pernille said...

I know what I want.
I want a cow eating grass. Just have his tale wagging. Cows are majestic. Just slow mo' chilling out all day.

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