c l i c k _ i m a g e s _ t o _ e n l a r g e

King Crimson - In The Court Of The Crimson King


Pernille said...

I like the new stuff. I would've loved to see a version of a Norwegian album cover, maybe Datarock or Whitest Boy Alive. Check out http://images.uulyrics.com/cover/d/datarock/album-datarock-datarock.jpg and http://sacredandprofane.files.wordpress.com/2009/03/whiteboy1.jpg to see some of their covers


?mark said...

give me a couple of weeks. i got you, pern.

Emily said...

Is this possibly a reference to Stephen King? You have some really cool pictures. Do you make them? ha

?mark said...

emily emily emily. these are all album covers. i just make them dance.

strider said...

Some time in the future I will be presenting the (un-adulterated) King Crimson album on my blog a month or two from now.

You really have a way of bringing out the quirks in the original album cover. Pure genius.

★Jasmine said...

HAHA this one is FUNNY! :D
btw, have a wonderful day ;)
i'm blogwalking ~

JerryB said...

I think you've got a little problem here - maaagdalenka.blogspot.com

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